It's a symphony of colors and flavors that light up your senses and transport you to a unique culinary paradise. Where the scents of oranges and lemons blend.

Let yourself be carried away by the authenticity and tradition of this land full of history where every corner tells a fascinating story that will transport you through time.

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For your meal, we bring to your table a espectacular appetizer, a pasta, salad, risotto; the sky, the sea, and the land are our protagonists. Likewise, for your dinner, you will find the balance between sophistication and pleasure. Because at any hour your appetite dictates, Barbarella awaits you.

drinks AND mixology

A great choice is always well accompanied:

  • Signature mixology
  • Wine cellar
  • Cocktails
  • Soft drinks
  • Coffee
we are


It's a place in Guadalajara ideal for memorable encounters —Whether with your partner, family, or in a group— Due to our refined ambiance, meticulous decoration, and warm service.
Magical things happen on the terrace: Amidst the flavors, the atmosphere of the avenue, and the best selection from our menu.

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